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By integrating specific projects with story creation, realizing mutual fusion of directing, music and other digital multimedia content, with the trans-boundary form integrating interactive entertainment and augmented reality, it will make nighttime economy more dynamic and charming.

Light and Shadow Technology

In the practice of nighttime economy, New Space integrates immersive experience/Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) and provides three main services in the form of augmented reality, that is, content output, interactive participation and mixed reality.

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2018 SCO Summit in Qingdao

“Exhibit the Night Scenes of the City with the Olympic Sailing Center as the Focus” The night landscape is mainly designed to supplement the city skyline, with high-rise buildings supplementing the spot light sources and the skyline, exhibiting a splendid light show to the global guests.


2016 G20 summit in Hanghzou

Based on the humanistic style of Hangzhou, New Space created a theme light show of “City-Water-Light-Shadow” around the "City Balcony", which demonstrated the “Chinese Style, South China Charm, Hangzhou Elements, New City Features” and the “Generosity and Openness” of Hangzhou from West Lake Era to Qiantang River Era.


Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

New Space was awarded the first place in the global bidding for the lighting design of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. The design fully considered the spatial relationship and architectural style of the building complex and highlighted the ecological features of the Olympic Sports Center, which gained domestic and international attention in the G20 Summit.


2022 Winter Olympics

The Guyangshu Venue Complex of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games contains three Olympic competition venue clusters: National Ski Jumping Center, National Cross Country Skiing Center and National Biathlon Center. New Space is responsible for the construction of the overall broadcast lighting system of the Event, with a scale being the first of its kind for the Winter Olympics in China.


Guangzhou Night Cruise

“One River, Two Banks and Three Belts” is a new name card of Guangzhou, based on the lighting concept of “Charming South of the Five Ridges, Happy Shore, Quality Lighting, International Style”, the "Three Major" innovation concepts and "Three Major" technical innovations, an urban space project with international quality and outstanding Guangzhou characteristics has been created.


Nanchang Night Cruise

The One River and Two Banks in Nanchang is the first landscape lighting project in China featuring an overall dynamic scroll type, and has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records in 2015 as the fixed sound and light show involving the largest number of buildings in the world at that time, with as many as 293 buildings involved.